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Staycations 2021

Come and join Walk Yorkshire and experience a truly memorable walking experience on the North York Moors.

“All truly great thoughts are achieved by walking” - Nietzsche

During the past year we have witnessed the world plunged deep into the abyss of uncertainty. A great deal of that uncertainty still remains, international travel and that treasured holiday in sunnier climes still in doubt. So it makes good sense that many UK nationals are turning towards holidaying at home for the foreseeable future, and in the aftermath of this devastating pandemic. But just like a hurricane leaves a trail of devastation behind it once the storm as passed, sadly so does this terrible virus. Evidence is already mounting across all walks of life, urban, rural, rich or poor that mental health will to some degree effect most of us either directly or indirectly as this unprecedented event leaves its scar on humanity.

Walk Yorkshire holidays have recognised the positivity that walking can have on mental health and personal wellbeing, and how physical interaction can stimulate and enhance mental health for the better. We even have staff trained in Mental Health First Aid and Awareness.

Our staycation walking breaks have been specially selected to allow the mind to drift from the present and mingle with the past, from ancient roman roads, medieval abbeys, moorland crosses, many of them of great antiquity, define this wondrous landscape. A nostalgic trip down memory lane by steam train maybe just the tonic to regain some sense of reality in a very unreal world.

 If you find the sea therapeutic then try one of our coastal self-guided breaks walking the award winning Yorkshire Heritage Coastline. Our self-guided walking holidays are specially selected to create that once in a life time walking adventure. We select the best hotels, exhibiting the highest level of protection, but still make your stay welcoming and unrestricted in many ways.

Who, one year ago would have thought hygiene would be the major concern in customer care and hospitality. We trust our hotels, they like you at home have created a protective bubble, and strive relentlessly to protect, and safeguard us all, but maintain the canny knack in helping you relax to a backdrop of normality.

So if you feel the urge to wonder of the beaten track, and looking for the perfect staycation, come and visit this very special place, with the largest expanse of heather moorland in the UK, and a designated International Dark Skies Reserve, one of only 18 in the world, come and join us on one of our Dark Skies evening walks, as part of your Staycation.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” - Albert Einstein