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“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” - Albert Einstein

If there was one positive worthy of mention during this awful pandemic it is the reconnection between people, walking and the great outdoors. Is it because walking is such a normal everyday activity that we sometimes find it difficult to separate on one hand a walk that impacts our daily routines and work patterns, and on the other how this conflicts with the very benefits walking within nature and with purpose can have on the overall  health and wellbeing of the soul.

We all need nature, and walking initiates that release and exposes us to new encounters whether that be beneficial to your inner self and mental wellbeing or experiencing first-hand the beauty and splendour this vast space has to offer. Become engulfed in its silence or marvel at its thunder as the water cascades down over medieval rock formations to create a fountain of aquatic brilliance.

Find a very special place to take time out to reflect and make a lasting connection, bonding with the natural world. Walk Yorkshire didn’t need a pandemic to grasp what this extraordinary landscape has to offer your mind, soul and physical wellbeing. Surrounded by an abundance of natural and historical features the North York Moors provide the very tonic to drift off, and for a very special moment find solace and protection against the backdrop of a world in turmoil and uncertainty.

Wander through medieval woodland before finding yourself engulfed by the largest expanse of heather moorland in the UK. Engage with the natural world after months of lock down and instability. There are many who believe that walking with nature can diminish anxiety and depression and improve our state of mind, including walking throughout the winter season.    

Walk a section of the breath taking Heritage coastline, where the sea and land collide in a powerful encounter creating the perfect backdrop to this spectacular natural phenomenon, an experience that many people find both therapeutic and engaging. Coastal walking creates the perfect anecdote to rid the mind of everyday stresses leaving us feeling more positive about life and ourselves. Taking time out to walk these rugged coastal paths allows us to reconnect with our childhood, our favourite holiday by the sea, and reminisce over the many adventures with family and friends, during times of great discovery.

“All truly great thoughts are achieved by walking” – Nietzsche